Reducing your time to revenue.

The more tools in your toolbox, the more valuable the toolbox! True or false?

In our experience, this is not always true for the companies we help. From sales enablement, road mapping, progress reporting, all the way to #emailmarketing and #marketingautomation the Tools of Choice 2021 from the Product Marketing Alliance has everything you need - and a whole lot more. 🔨We do love this infographic and refer to it often. An important point to note though is, many tech apps and tools are now multifunctional, or support #integrations to complimentary apps. Meaning, there is...

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Sales vs Product Marketing!

Sales vs Product Marketing; not a post I thought I would ever write, and yet here we are. In response to my previous post, some commented that in their organisations The Sales Team, perform the majority of the Product Marketing tasks. Needs must I guess! I have said before, in smaller organisations other roles rally round to fill in the role of Product Marketing, but we must be careful when engaging the sales team to do this. In many ways these two roles and the people...

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