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Product launch done. Now the real Product Marketing gets started!

One of the biggest mistake I see companies making is assuming that once a product is launched, the role of #ProductMarketing is done and dusted. The reality is that this is when the real Product Marketing work that informs the long-term success of you product and brand begins. Pre-launch a lot of what Product Marketers do is somewhat academic, using wider market insights to shape segmentation, value proposition, messaging strategy, content development, and marketing and sales enablement. It is...

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CG2M welcomes new Project Management Lead, Tammy Gill

With business growth being a core focus for Q3 and Q4, for us and our biggest accounts, Cambridge Go-to-Market is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Project Management Lead, Tammy Gill, earlier this month. Tammy brings two decades of project management, PA, and event management to CG2M, which will help us tremendously across the board. We are pleased to report that Tammy has made a smooth transition into her new role and has already made huge improvements to our marketing...

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5 reasons your peers are moving to cloud software

With huge advances in technology and the increasing benefits to be reaped, cloud software solutions are allowing many charities to move away from maintaining and supporting their CRM systems in-house.

With Gartner predicting that the global software-as-a-service (SaaS) market will grow by 18.5% in 2019 to $94.8 billion, it’s clear that many organisations are opting to go down this route.

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