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Success Stories

Prue Butterworth

Prue has a track record of devising and implementing effective go-to-market strategy and processes to establish and develop success, deliver growth and enter new markets globally. Expert in product road mapping, pricing, positioning and packaging, she develops and positions products and services that deliver major returns.

Start-ups: Taken four companies to product launch that had previously had technology, but no product.

Established companies: Taken existing product lines into new territories, including the UK and the US, and identified products for new vertical markets using the companies’ underlying technologies.


Prior to Grapeshot’s acquisition by Oracle, Prue was tasked as Grapeshot’s first product marketer to advise how best to package their offering to win market share and compel investors.

Challenge: Grapeshot’s technically advanced proprietary Brand Safety offering was struggling to win market share in the overcrowded, competitive and confusing AdTech arena.


  • Project managed the interviews of almost 1000 AdTech users to understand the competitive landscape and conduct gap analysis.
  • Based on the findings of the interviews, created an interim messaging to address the gaps identified.
  • Facilitated the launch of a new category, Contextual Intelligence, which resonated not just in AdTech, but also in MarTech, Fintech and Pharma.


  • The concept of Contextual Intelligence took hold, was adopted and retained by acquirers Oracle, and is now being used by companies and industry analysts alike.
  • Investors bought into the concept and by mid-2018 Grapeshot had three companies interested in acquisition.
  • Successfully won the budget to grow the PMK team to a team of 7, to cover new markets and regions.


Oracle Data Cloud is a DaaS platform that includes Oracle’s leading Oracle Audience Data Marketplace. After acquiring Grapeshot, Prue was tasked with integrating the new technology into the existing offering.

Challenge: Oracle acquired Grapeshot to replace advertisers’ audiences by offering a GDPR compliant alternative in affected regions. However, Grapeshot’s offering was priced at a fraction of Oracle’s offering and was viewed as less targeted. Tasked with repackaging the Grapeshot offering to meet the expectations and price point of Oracle’s pre-GDPR audience customers.


  • Pre-acquisition, Prue took to market a data enrichment use case for Grapeshot’s algorithm; pitched to Oracle’s main data suppliers as a GDPR alternative to their offering.
  • Managed the beta process using Visa audiences (with personal identifiers removed), enriched with Grapeshot’s signal.


  • American Express, Mastercard, and Uber signed on as beta and launch partners of Prue’s proposed offering.
  • The new combined product is a premium-priced GDPR data offering and is now also gaining traction in non-GDPR regions, where it has been positioned as good practice.

From day one, Prue embraced me at Grapeshot, and was a partner to the change we needed to implement in order to shift marketing as a revenue-driver to the business. Product marketing is no easy task, yet Prue skillfully manages the delicate balance between the considerations of the product team and the goals of the marketing organization. She built strong relationships with local and remote global teams, and hired a high performing team, who despite strapped resources, managed a global sales org across 4 continents. She is a passionate leader, caring manager and highly collaborative across teams. Prue also has a real knack for not just understanding a product’s role in the customer lifecycle, but being armed and ready for market shifts and opportunities. And despite that fact that I was based in NY and Prue in the UK, she was always available night or day to bounce ideas off each other. I hope I have the chance to work with Prue again.

Ashley Deibert, Chief Marketing Officer at Piano

Integra Associates

Integra Associates is the most established ‘Unit4 Business World’ (U4BW, formerly, ‘Agresso’) services company in the UK. Prue was the sole in-house marketer for this project.

Challenge: Integra identified, to grow its business, they had to transition from exclusively assisting U4BW customers to providing services for more ERP.


  • Conducted market research to ascertain a single additional ERP system that helped Integra meet targets.
  • Identified Sage X3; personally interviewed 40 Integra Associates and 40 Sage X3 users, to fuel a content campaign for the next 12 months.
  • Attended U4BW and Sage X3 training sessions and events to leverage their resources for channels and determine how to differentiate Integra’s messaging.
    • Created a transition marketing plan and put it in motion.
    • Conducted a rebranding exercise; developed new print and digital assets.
    • Managed new web site design.
    • Implemented a series of automated digital campaigns to move prospects through the sales funnel.
    • Conducted workshops and thought-leadership talks to raise Integra’s brand recognition and credibility.

Results: “Prue showed great dedication and versatility and in the relatively short time she was with us, doing a great job across all areas of our marketing function, including an impressive set of print collateral that we’re still using, and getting a new website up and running in a very short space of time dictated by technical issues with our old website. I have no hesitation in recommending Prue to anyone looking for a dedicated and versatile marketing professional.”

Mark Bloomer, Managing Director and founder of Integra Associates