Reducing your time to revenue.

You are not alone.

We find that most companies don’t understand the concept of product marketing when we start talking to them. Luckily, our process mining audit helps companies quickly realise what work is not being done. The common problems are:

  • the product does not have clear and well articulated product/market fit
  • there is no well-defined target audience to focus all efforts and guarantee quicker results
  • not enough competitive research has been carried out to establish who to watch and how to position against them
  • no feedback/review from real users is conducted before general release
  • the customer journey, and sometimes even the marketing plan itself have not been considered and validated

These are the main ones. There are many more.

The video below shows the many opportunities along the product cycle where #ProductMarketers can add value. Furthermore, there are too many essential tasks within the GTM which are often assigned to the Product Owner, for one person to do all of them well.

Are your Product Owners/managers over-stretched and stressed?

Does your marketing team often create #content which is not quite on the mark?

Are you launching products into markets where noone knows who you are or what you do?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may very well need a Product Marketer or two.