Reducing your time to revenue.


Cambridge Go-to-Market are a consultancy specialising in product management, product marketing, strategic communications and developer relations for both local and global specialist markets.

The principal has 25 years of combined experience in marketing planning and implementation for the professional services, software, hardware, semiconductor and mobile markets.

Cambridge Go-to-Market consultants can serve as your interim go-to-market team, either for corporate launch or, for established companies, new products and services. We also specialise in introducing companies to new markets or regions.


Premium Writing

Finding a writer with a keen marketing brain who understands your business, and can write about it compellingly, is pivotal to your success. For twenty-five years, on behalf of clients, Cambridge Go-to-Market consultants have written articles and blogs for major trade publications, spanning a wide array of technologies and services.

Since 1995, we have also created corporate messaging and web content for clients.


Non-Executive Directors

As non-executive directors, Cambridge Go-to-Market consultants can guide your start-up toward company launch, identify markets for your new product launch, package your technology as product(s) for market, and implement all traditional and digital communications.

For established companies, our non-executive directors can take you global, or guide you toward entering the UK and US markets.



Cambridge Go-to-Market Training Series

For the foreseeable, these interactive, hands-on workshops are delivered over Zoom. We can customise any of the following.

Workshops for Companies Preparing to Go to Market
Product Management and Marketing

Product Success
Customer Success
The Winning Product Team


Public Relations and Analyst Relations Strategy (Influencing the Influencers)
Communications Strategy (Messaging)
Developer, Partner and Member Relations (Building an Ecosystem)

Workshops for Early-Stage and Services Companies
Cheap and Cheerful Market Research

The alternative to pricey market research firms. A hands-on workshop for conducting your own market, competitor and customer research and creating your Ideal Customer Profile.

Who will benefit:

  • Early-stage companies who are not ready to package their first product or service, but who will need to understand the go-to-market process.
  • Services companies looking to define (or redefine) their markets to reach a more ideal set of customers.
How to Reach Your Target Audience

This hands-on, interactive workshop is all about finding the exact, unique words that speak to your market. You will create your business messaging, home page content, elevator pitch, tagline, strapline, a sample press release, company boilerplate and a raft of ideas for social media posts.

Who will benefit:

  • Early-stage companies not yet ready to go to market, but who need to define their potential market value to investors, industry analysts, prospects and employees.
  • Services companies who need a coherent business story for use on all traditional and digital channels, to attract their ideal customers.

Event and Conference Speaker

With a breadth of experience and knowledge in marketing and business strategy our consultants can speak on a wide range of subjects around entrepreneurship, IPO, marketing strategies, exit strategies and so on.

Past Speaking Engagements

PR & Content Services

We offer a copy writing service to help you launch products, announce news and for other marketing purposes, we can also write articles for blogs  short-form or long-form writing.

Past Work