Reducing your time to revenue.

Reducing your time to revenue.

Going to market with deep-tech products and services requires specials skills.


On a lean budget, our clients need the rare combination of technical knowledge;
understanding of how to locate and market into global specialised industries;
and the ability to speak compellingly about their offerings to all their audiences.

Our clients require

  • market, competitor, and customer research that allows delivery of a truly differentiated offering.
  • a unified communications strategy that resonates with prospects, customers, partners, industry analysts, conference attendees, journalists and bloggers.
  • a full-circle feedback process using customer, sales and service data to drive strategic decision making.

Which is why, for the past 10 years, clients have turned to Cambridge Go-to-Market to bring their offerings to market, build communities around their technology, and deliver outstanding results.


Give us your confidence and we will reduce your time to revenue.

Our Services


Cambridge Go-to-Market are a consultancy specialising in product management, strategic communications, developer relations, and marketing strategy for global, specialist markets.

The two principals have 45 years of combined experience in both planning and implementation for the software, hardware, semiconductor and mobile markets.

Cambridge Go-to-Market consultants are available either individually or as a complete go-to-market team.

Non-Executive Directors

As non-executive directors, Cambridge Go-to-Market consultants can guide your start-up toward company launch, identifying markets for first product launch, packaging the product(s) for market, and strategising all aspects of communications.

For established companies, our non-executive directors can take you global, or guide you toward entering the UK and US markets.

Cambridge Go-to-Market Training Series

One-, two- and three-day interactive workshops held at your offices or a facility in Oakham, Rutland County.

Product Management and Marketing

Product Success
Customer Success
The Winning Product Team


Public Relations and Analyst Relations Strategy (Influencing the Influencers)
Communications Strategy (Messaging)
Developer, Partner and Member Relations (Building an Ecosystem)

Premium Technology Writing

Finding a writer who understands your technology, can write about it compellingly and has a keen marketing brain is pivotal to your success. Cambridge Go-to-Market consultants have written for all the major electronics publications, either bylined or as ghost writers of contributed articles. We have also written web content for almost all clients; see Success Stories.