Reducing your time to revenue.

Reducing your time to revenue.

Prue (Lee) Butterworth

Prue (Lee) Butterworth

Go-to-Market Strategist

Prue has more than 20 years of experience as a leader in product management and marketing at companies ranging from start-ups to some of today’s biggest technology companies. She has worked with ground-breaking solutions in U.S. and international markets and across multiple industries, including higher education, semiconductor IP, manufacturing, ad-tech, mar-tech, fintech, ERP and CRM.

Prior to joining Cambridge Go-to-Market, Prue has served as Global Director of Product Marketing at Oracle, where she led one of the Oracle Data Cloud go-to-market teams. Prior to that, she was Product Line Manager at ARM Ltd (in the run-up to acquisition by Softbank), Product Marketing at Global Graphics (leading developer of software platforms for high-speed digital printing, and the developer of market-leading Harlequin RIP) and Head of Marketing for electrical test manufacturer Seaward Group.

Prue’s speciality is a product that needs analysis and positioning for global markets. She has successfully implemented the Cambridge Go-to-Market Product Success Principles at multiple companies and integrated them into several acquisition plans.

Prue’s clients include to date include:
Global Graphics, Grapeshot (now part of Oracle), Lancelot Media, OneGTM,, Onload Media, Bionic (Now Optily) AdWatch,  New College Stamford, Rutland Adult Learning, The Seaward Group and Tresham College.

Prue has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Loughborough University and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

Suzan Ziobro

Suzan Ziobro

Senior Strategic Communications Consultant

Suzan has deep expertise in semiconductor design, Healthcare, Technology, Data Analytics, Innovation, Research and Pharma markets. She has had full responsibility for strategic communications for several corporate launches and upward of 20 product launches. Suzan shepherded a number of start-ups to merger, acquisition or Initial Public Offering.

Prior to joining Cambridge Go-to-Market, Suzan was Head of Customer Marketing and Communications for GSK, Customer Marketing and Internal Communications Manager at Vodafone, and Account Manager with ICL-Fujitsu.
Suzan has created and implemented Customer Focus and product launch and programmes for a number of Cambridge and London-based tech companies. She also has decades of experience in mentoring and tutoring technical and digital marketing personnel, including four years of Coaching aspiring student entrepreneurs and “social” (i.e., not-for-profit) ventures through ideation phase, business conception and product launch,  through the Judge Entrepreneurship Centre, University of Cambridge.
The interim Communications, PR contracts Suzan has held to date include ARM, NHS England, 8power Limited, Audio Analytic, Green Energy Options (geo), Linguamatics Ltd (now part of IQVIA). Suzan’s other clients include Convergys, Sentec, Cametrics, Omobono, YTKO and Qlik
Suzan is a winner of the coveted  Forbes Magazine Writing Competition. She also holds a Bachelor of Fine Science from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA  from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, France where she was awarded an extinction.


“Prue designed and implemented a successful social media and content strategy which saw our accounts populated with engaged followers who all met our very niche Ideal Customer Profile. Prue and Cambridge Go-to-Market have now become valued strategic marketing and communications partners for me, across a number of projects.”

Rod Rivers
Founder, Robot Ethics


“Suzan was a trusted marketing advisor to me during her time in my organization and brilliant orchestrator of our developer messaging, PR strategy and execution and speaker’s bureau with the press, media and bloggers. Her talents in understanding the opportunities, crafting the messaging and executing the campaigns drove our voice online and within developer and partner communities. I was very pleased to have Suzan in a key leadership position within my organization.”

Marc Naddell
Vice President of Marketing, Gyrfalcon Technology Inc.


“Prue was able to bring deep technical knowledge and vast sales and marketing experience together in a way that helped customers and partners to understand our company’s complex product offering. Her customer meetings and presentations across Europe, Asia, and the US were always well received and understood regardless of the language and cultural differences.”

Elan Tanzer
Director, Technical Content Marketing, ARM


“Suzan’s deep appreciation of technology (both hardware and software) means that she brings extra insight to her projects – she can point out tangible opportunities for alignment and collaboration that most other managers would miss. She also brings strong personal qualities to projects, including approachability, humour, team-building, and concern for individuals.”

David Wood
Principal, Delta Wisdom and Chair, London Futurists


“Both professionally and personally our company is richer for Prue’s input. Our products are very technical and complex, and I have to say that there were times I couldn’t believe just how engaging Prue could make our technology sound. I really value her principles and sense of honour. When it needed someone to be strong and say it how it was then Prue would take on the responsibility.”

Eric Worrell
VP of Product and Services, Global Graphics Software